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Risk Based Process Safety Management

This course introduces the concepts of process safety management in the oil and gas industry, the elements and benefits of process safety management systems, and tools for implementing and managing a system. Process safety is vital to the oil and gas industry. A comprehensive process safety management system involves almost every function of a company: management, research, development, engineering, facility and process construction, operations, maintenance, human resources, information technology and the contractors used in the industry. In this course the participant will learn to use tools and techniques for managing process safety.

The Center for Chemical Process Safety’s (CCPS) newly published book titled “Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety” or “RBPS Guidelines” will be the text for this course. Participant centered exercises and selected case studies will be used to build on the concepts that CCPS advocates for risk based process safety. Building upon the original process safety management ideas published in the early 1990s, this new framework for thinking about process safety integrates industry lessons learned over the intervening years, utilizes applicable “total quality” principles (i.e., plan, do, check, act), and organizes it in a way that will be useful to all organizations. Throughout the course, participants will be challenged to think how their process safety management system can be enhanced and modified to meet the concepts of risk-based decision making. An individual action plan will be developed to provide guidance in applying the information from the course to the workplace.

Course Content
1 Process safety culture and competency
2 Compliance with standards
3 Understand hazards and risk
4 Operating procedures and safe work practices
5 Asset integrity and reliability
6 Management of change
7 Conduct of operations
8 Incident investigation (associated with plant failures)
9 Measurement and metrics
10 Management review and continuous improvement
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