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Fundamentals of Drilling Technology- FDT
Equipment and procedures involved with drilling oil and gas wells are described for those who are interested in understanding the drilling process regardless of the academic background. During the first day, the overall drilling process is presented along with definitions and descriptions of drilling equipment. During the remainder of the week, the various components are discussed in greater detail with explanations of the basic science concepts which guide these processes. Subjects include descriptions of drill bits, directional drilling, drilling fluids, solids control, cementing, casing, well bore stability, well control, measurement-while-drilling techniques, stuck pipe, lost circulation, and well bore hydraulics. Some technology enhancements are included to improve understanding of drilling operations for all participants, with or without a science background. An understanding of clay mineralogy helps understand well bore instability and drilling fluids. A discussion of pressure and pressure effects helps explain many of the procedures and problems associated with drilling wells. Rocks behave differently under pressure and understanding this behavior helps understand drilling performance. The art and science of drilling are explained in simple terms. After all of the various components and procedures are discussed, the information contained in morning reports is explained and used as a summary of the course content.
Course Content
1 The overall drilling process and equipment
2 The language of drillers - understanding their terminology
3 Understanding the abbreviations and acronyms associated with drilling
4 Rig equipment and types
5 Types of drill bits
7 Drill strings
8 Drilled solids management
9 Mud tank arrangements
10 Drilling fluid properties
11 Well control
12 Cementing
13 Casing design
14 Hole problems (stuck pipe, lost circulation)
15 Well control
16 Directional drilling operations and tools
17 Safety
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