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Gas Lift Technique - GLT

Gas lift is one of the most widely used artificial lift techniques. Participants will investigate the impact of tubing sizing, gas lift valve selection, gas lift mandrel spacing, gas lift valve design, casing pressure, surface choke size, gas volume, etc., on well design and operation. Participants practice mandrel spacing design and gas lift valve design, surveillance and optimization at the well and field level using actual field data including the use of software programs. After attending this course, participants will be able to identify, diagnose, analyze and solve gas lift problems. Up to date computer programs will be used/demonstrated during the course. The class includes pictures and videos of most important equipment components while being applied, to further participant understanding. With increased prices, more emphasis is placed on techniques to maximize production. New developments at various stages of development and application are also covered.
Course Content
1 Gas lift concepts and data
2 Inflow/Outflow
3 Nodal analysis
4 Equilibrium curves
5 Gas lift equipment and valve mechanics
6 Valve selection and calibration
7 Unloading
8 Mandrel spacing and step-by step, complete gas lift design for a well
9 Temperature effects on valves
10 Determine the Ptro
11 Orifice sizing techniques
12 Lift gas rates for best economics
13 Causes and solutions of instability
14 Gas lift surveillance and measurement
15 Analysis of flowing pressure gradient surveys
16 Analysis of GL surface charts and measurements
17 Gas allocation and field optimization
18 Use of computer programs for gas lift design, trouble-shooting and optimization
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