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Managing Wellsite Operations-MWO

Managing Wellsite Operations teaches participants to apply organizational learning processes, wellsite technical limits analysis and more efficient use of all resources at the wellsite. This course brings together a documented planning and design process, maximizes drilling efficiency and transfers the execution plan to the wellsite for implementation. Participants will learn to build effective teams by using a case study and applying the skills of the company representative, drilling contractor and service company personnel. Critical issues are identified and analyzed to maximize safety and reduce drilling costs. Similarly, engineering, technical service, and drilling contract personnel learn to analyze inefficient practices at the wellsite and utilize their newfound skills to improve the operation. Drilling organizations are using new and complex drilling technology to maximize return on capital costs. Combine the known variables with the influx of inexperienced personnel in the planning, design, and execution phases and you have high cost and unsafe operations at the wellsite. Mastering the drilling operations at the wellsite will reduce costs, improve drilling budgets and maximize resources
Course Content
1 Critical elements of effective planning and management of drilling operations
2 Design and implement a program “checklist” for critical well drilling operations  Investigate various elements of a drilling operation and mitigate visible and hidden risk
3 Investigate and perform an analysis of trouble time events, nonproductive time occurrences and invisible lost time for a drilling operation
4 Dissect the drilling plan and apply total task analysis to wellsite activities
5 Enhance your knowledge of organizational learning systems and transfer lessons learned
6 Perform technical limit analysis to improve wellsite performance
7 Measure and performance monitoring of the drilling operation Maximize the inexperienced resources through total
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