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Fundamentals of Artificial Lift System – FAL
This course blends lecture, hands-on exercises, and seminar teaching styles to enhance learning. Participants work with software that allows them to design and analyze artificial lift designs, which should improve performance and result in higher production rates and/or reduced operating costs. Participants learn how to design and troubleshoot rod pumping, continuous gas lift, and electric submersible pump systems. Other methods such as PCP, plunger lift, jet pump, hydraulic pump, and intermittent gas lift will also be addressed. Participants gain experience in solving problems by hand and also by using advanced computer programs. Troubleshooting is an important part of artificial lift operations and several typical surveillance problems are solved. The class includes pictures and videos of the most important equipment components being applied. With increased prices, more emphasis is placed on techniques to maximize production. New developments at various stages of application are also covered.
Course Content
1 Overview of artificial lift technology
2 Criteria for selection of artificial lift system
3 Reservoir performance: inflow and outflow relationships
4 Artificial lift screening
5 Introduction to rod-pumping, gas lift, and ESP systems
6 Rod-pump design: pumping unit, rods, pump, prime movers, gas anchor, pump-off controls
7 Gas lift design: mandrels, valves, injection gas requirements, temperature, chokes, spacing, equilibrium curve, continuous flow design
8 ESP design: pump performance curves, pump intake curves, typical problems, installation, troubleshooting
9 Best practices for installation and maintenance
10 Economic analysis
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