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Heavy Oil Production-HOP

The course is a beginning level but is sufficiently detailed and widely focused to appeal to a broad audience including non-technical administrative and business groups as well as scientist and engineers seeking an introduction to the business of heavy oil. Heavy oil is a large component of the world’s oil resource. Commercial mining and current in-situ thermal production methodologies are important contributors to the world’s oil production. These technologies are reasonably recent commercial applications and the future levels of production faces uncertainty because of highly debated environmental challenges. The course takes an unbiased practical approach to the applications citing benefits and limitations. The course provides an overview of the aspects of the geology, development and commerciality of heavy oil resources. The course contains exercises and class problems to support the presentation. Each attendee will be given facts to an overall understanding of heavy oil development.
Course Content
1 Comparison of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs
2 Worldwide Heavy Oil Resources and Occurrences
3 Bitumen and Heavy Oil Definitions and Introduction
4 Geology, History and Development of Canada Oil Sands
5 Oil Sand Characteristics and Development Strategies
6 Oil Sand Mining Details and Reclamation
7 Oil Sands In-situ Project Review
8 Introduction of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
9 Other Commercial Thermal In-situ Methodologies
10 Environmental challenges for Heavy Oil Resources
11 Geology and Overview of Venezuela and Trinidad Heavy Oil Resources
12 Commercial Application of Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) in Venezuela
13 Introduction of United States Heavy Oil Occurrences (Utah, California and Texas)
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