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Order: Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015 (13th August 2015)

Determination of tariff for Procurement by the Distribution Licensees and others from Solar Energy Projects (Order No. 1 of 2012) dated 7 Jan. 2012.
  • Implementation of Roof Top Solar projects on Net metering basis.
  • Capacity upto 50% of sanctioned load.
  • Wheeling/Transmission/Surcharge exempted.
  • Electricity duty exempted.
  • Existing Tariff as applicable, surplus power on APPC tariff for all
    residential, Industrial, commercial consumer.
  • Commission had categorized all photovoltaic systems into two
    general scales for tariff - Kilowatt-scale -up to 1000kW, Megawatt
    scale -1MW and above.
  • RPO (renewable power obligation) shall be credited to DISCOM.
  • REC not applicable as RPO is credited.
  • CDM shall be retained with the consumer.
  • Solar developers may setup power plants under REC. Power will
    be sold to DISCOM at APPC tariff and REC will be retained with
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