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Fundamentals of  Drilling, Completion and Workover Operations - FDCW
This course gives a technical overview of the science and art of drilling operations, completion practices and post-completion wellbore enhancement or remedial workover techniques (well intervention). Reservoir Engineers will learn what can be done within open-hole and cased wells as they execute reservoir management. Drilling and completion personnel will learn how the producing reservoir can be damaged or stimulated by what they do. The participants learn to visualize what is happening "downhole", discover what can be accomplished and gain an appreciation for wellbore risks and the possibility of damage to the formation; and how drilling and completion practices can alter reservoir interpretation and performance
Course Content
Overview of the drilling process
1 Overall drilling practices
2 Language of drilling
3 Reservoir rock and fluid properties
4 Rigs & rig equipment
5 Drilling string components & design
6 Bits; Rig operation
7 Drilling fluids & hydraulics
8 MWD; Well control
9 Hole problems and stuck pipe
10 Drilling risks
11 Cores and coring
12 Casing design & installation
13 Primary cementing
14 Directional, horizontal, multilateral and under-balanced drilling
15 Wellhead & trees
Overview of the completion process
1 Zonal isolation
2 Tubing, packers & completion equipment
3 Safety & flow control devices
4 Open hole completions
5 Basic completion types
6 Perforating
7 Open & cased hole logging
8 Formation damage & treatment
9 Completion fluids
10 Multiple completions
Overview of workover techniques
1 Stimulation application: surfactants, solvents, acidizing, fracturing and deep perforating
2 Formation and sand control: chemical consolidation, gravel packing, frac-pack, new and novel techniques
3 Scale and corrosion
4 Sidetracking
5 Paraffin and asphaltenes
6 Reworks; Recompletions
7 Deepening; Coiled tubing
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