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Production Operations

Managing Wellsite Operations- MWO
Managing Wellsite Operations teaches participants to apply organizational learning processes, wellsite technical limits analysis and more efficient use of all resources at the wellsite. This course brings together a documented planning and design process, maximizes drilling efficiency and transfers the execution plan to the wellsite for implementation. Participants will learn to build effective teams by using a case study and applying the skills of the company representative, drilling contractor and service company personnel. Critical issues are identified and analyzed to maximize safety and reduce drilling costs. Similarly, engineering, technical service, and drilling contract personnel learn to analyze inefficient practices at the wellsite and utilize their newfound skills to improve the operation. Drilling organizations are using new and complex drilling technology to maximize return on capital costs. Combine the known variables with the influx of inexperienced personnel in the planning, design, and execution phases and you have high cost and unsafe operations at the wellsite. Mastering the drilling operations at the wellsite will reduce costs, improve drilling budgets and maximize resources
Acidizing Applications in Sandstones and Carbonates – ASC
Although acidizing is the oldest method of well stimulation, it is often applied with mixed results. It remains, however, a valuable tool for improving well productivity. The key to acidizing success is in the understanding of how it works, the optimum conditions for its application, and proper evaluation of well response after the acidizing treatment. The instructor will present many of the practical aspects of acidizing applications and help provide a better understanding of acidizing as a tool for enhancing well performance.
Hydraulic Fracturing – HF
The course takes a practical approach to the applications of hydraulic fracturing. Fracturing technology benefits and limitations in all types of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs are explained. Fracture modeling is used as a tool to demonstrate how modeling software can be used effectively in practical applications. All aspects of the planning, designing, and implementation of fracturing treatments are covered. In addition to the technical presentation, the course contains many practical exercises and class problems based on case histories. You will take home a fresh approach to hydraulic fracturing, eager to select viable candidates for more effective fracturing applications.
Fundamentals of Artificial Lift System – FAL
This course blends lecture, hands-on exercises, and seminar teaching styles to enhance learning. Participants work with software that allows them to design and analyze artificial lift designs, which should improve performance and result in higher production rates and/or reduced operating costs. Participants learn how to design and troubleshoot rod pumping, continuous gas lift, and electric submersible pump systems. Other methods such as PCP, plunger lift, jet pump, hydraulic pump, and intermittent gas lift will also be addressed. Participants gain experience in solving problems by hand and also by using advanced computer programs. Troubleshooting is an important part of artificial lift operations and several typical surveillance problems are solved. The class includes pictures and videos of the most important equipment components being applied. With increased prices, more emphasis is placed on techniques to maximize production. New developments at various stages of application are also covered.
Heavy Oil Production-HOP
The course is a beginning level but is sufficiently detailed and widely focused to appeal to a broad audience including non-technical administrative and business groups as well as scientist and engineers seeking an introduction to the business of heavy oil. Heavy oil is a large component of the world’s oil resource. Commercial mining and current in-situ thermal production methodologies are important contributors to the world’s oil production. These technologies are reasonably recent commercial applications and the future levels of production faces uncertainty because of highly debated environmental challenges. The course takes an unbiased practical approach to the applications citing benefits and limitations. The course provides an overview of the aspects of the geology, development and commerciality of heavy oil resources. The course contains exercises and class problems to support the presentation. Each attendee will be given facts to an overall understanding of heavy oil development.
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